Mineral Vocabulary


Jewelry by artist Leah James

Elegant and sensible pendant necklaces with silk chords.

Exploring the inherent beauty of clay and glazes by concentrating them onto small focused forms. Each piece is handmade and explores various glaze combinations to create unique colours—no two pieces are alike.

My jewelry has been carried by an excellent group of stores: The Rising States, New York; Greenpoint Hill, Brooklyn; The Brooklyn Museum Shop; and Art Metropole, Toronto.

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The forms of these pendants have an inherent strength but accidents happen. If your piece breaks, it can be mended to take on a new, and I'd say, more interesting life. See my lookbook for examples of kintsugi mending. If gold is not your taste, there are non-metallic options. Reach out via the contact form or direct message on instagram for pricing. I'd also be happy to send a PDF on how you can mend yourself if that sounds interesting. There's too much waste in this world.